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          The 2007 Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Route du Soleil Tour

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Citroen Tarte
Pilots: Mark Howard and John Yates

Bonjour. Je suis une tarte. Une tarte au Citroen. Zeez English fools, Mark and John, ‘av found me and are going to take me across my fantastique ‘ome country – La France! Zey will ride me all ze way from Marlow to the Cote d’azur, via ze old ‘Route Nationale 7’.





On the way, I ‘ope to teach zem some very valuable lecons in Etiquette, style and sophistication.

Zey may look like ze two English rosbifs now, but give me five days and I will turn zem into somesing unrecognisable!

My efforts will be – ‘ow do you say – enhanced by even more of your generous donations. So please, dig deep into your pockets, mes ami, dig deep. Pour La France, pour les rosbifs – et pour le ambulance d’air de La Thames Valley & Chiltern. Merci buckets.

The Citroen Tarte raised a total of £1,645.00.