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          The 2007 Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Route du Soleil Tour

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The Car Support Team
Tony Radstone and Mark Iwaszko

Support for the tour is provided by 2 motorbike outriders and a Mitsubishi Shogun driven by Tony and Mark.

Judging by a recent trip to Windsor and despite the comforts of proper seats, air conditioning and sound insulation, it doesn't look as if we are going to have a particularly relaxing trip. Two breakdowns in 30 miles does not bode well for the main trip (see the photo below).









We will be carrying a towing A frame, numerous spares and a comprehensive toolkit. In addition we will be updating the website and blog as we go, so come back regularly to see how busy we have been.

We are collecting money for the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance so please give generously.  Click on the Donate Now button to support a great cause.

The car Support Team raised a total of 915.00.



The Support Car with the Marlow Donkey in tow
on the A308 outside Windsor after another breakdown (10th June 2007)