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          The 2007 Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Route du Soleil Tour

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Le Boîte de Peu
Pilots: Richard Lambert & Robert Overall.

Le Boite de Peu

The instigators of this “little” jaunt purchased “Le Boîte de Peu”, (Box of Bits in case you misunderstood) in December 2006 and drove the little beauty all the way from Bedford to Marlow in torrential rain. A thorough inspection revealed a lot of water so holes were immediately drilled in the floor (as advised by a website which specialises in “drilling holes in floors to let the moisture out”)

Before the Re-spray

Le Boite de Peu - Rear View






In truth she is a 1988 2CV Special Dolly in “Plums and Custard” with 52,000 “genuine” miles on the clock. She cost £800 including 9 months car tax so snuck in under the £777 by £50! She was MOT’d until April but we just knew she’d sail through (with the wind behind her!) and so she did.  She now has a full MOT, a new coat of paint and some great 118 and Rosbifs stickers.

Alons y a toute vitesse!!

Le Boîte de Peu raised a total of £8,258.00.

Le Boite de Peu - Side Profile

In the days when there was only one shiny bit ....

With the Dog before the Re-spray