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          The 2007 Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Route du Soleil Tour

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Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Tour Logo

Thanks go to Guy Lambert (12) for the initial concept and to Mo Choy Design for the final design.  Both provided their time and expertise free of charge. Mo Choy Design can be contacted by email on mo @ (remove the spaces).

If you use the logo, please do so without alteration.  The logo is available in a number of formats:

JPG (White Background)Rosbifs and Snails Logo (200 x 200 - GIF Format)
Size (pixels)  
2000 x 2000 rosbifs-logo-2000.jpg
200 x 200 rosbifs-logo-200.jpg

GIF (Transparent Background)
Size (pixels)  
2000 x 2000 rosbifs-logo-2000.gif
200 x 200 rosbifs-logo-200.gif